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Costa Rican
Ancestral Cuisine

Sikwa is a center for Costa Rican gastronomy education and research and a space that protects the tradition of the native culture.
We strive to create awareness for an 
honest and equitable production chain and we dream to help shape a country that prides itself on its tradition.

Tradition and culture

Our project was born organically, it was born because it was time for it to be born. Bored of copying the techniques and recipes of European and distant cuisines, we ended up tired.

We knew that it was time to be part of the change, that change that our identity as a country and our culture, which dies a little every day,
was crying out for.

Our allies, the Jirondai Project and Koswak Usure led the way; and with them, we entered the jungle of Talamanca, there we found a group of people eager to share their knowledge with us. In that culinary paradise, Sikwa was born, a jungle full of native products, raised in the most natural, kind and grateful way.


We will never pretend to be local, hence our name, which means “foreigner”, but to be a celebration, a production chain project for the commercialization of products, a mean for social aid and for the conservation and propagation of their knowledge, the most important culture, the most ours of all, our native culture.

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