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Our Story

Sikwa is a space that protects the gastronomic tradition of the native people of Costa Rica, we say that we are not a restaurant, we are a gastronomic education and information center that sells food. As a research project it was born in 2014 alongside the Jirondai project, documenting oral gastronomic tradition and as a restaurant since 2018.


This center is a mixture of Pablo Bonilla's travels and experiences throughout the years, where, in addition to the documentation, he has also created a productive chain program together with native producers, not only for Sikwa to consume for other restaurants around the country. With the earnings he has sponsored works such as spirituality centers where communities can have a space to share and celebrate their culture in a safe way.


During the pandemic, the indigenous territories have remained closed, which has complicated the exchange of products, even so we continue working with the communities, preparing them for when they reactivate their cultural tourism businesses.

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Pablo Bonilla

Chef and Founder

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